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WooCommerce Plugin—Most Trusted Free eCommerce WordPress Plugin

The eCommerce Revolution:

Before pinpointing the pros and cons of the world class eCommerce WordPress plugin, it is logical to have a brief overview of the practice and scope of eCommerce in general. The introduction of online trade has revolutionized the commerce at international level and made it more dynamic, easier to work and quicker to access than ever before. Concerning commerce, it is the large scale activity of buying and selling that has an impact on the business prospects of a nation’s economy. The firms, with an eCommerce-based platform, are flourishing day by day and contributing their part to the global economy. It has, undoubtedly, become a source of earning a great fortune in short time for the businesses. If a new such project is backed by the most advanced tools and techniques, it will start making profits within days!

Why Shouldn’t You Code an eCommerce System Yourself?

Inspired by its great and long term advantages, if you want to launch your own eCommerce platform, you will have to look for a ready to use online trading tool. Self-coding of such a system would require an advance level of professional skill on your part. Moreover, you will also have to devote a lot of time and effort for this cause. Still, the success of the project is likely to remain uncertain until it is confirmed by proper testing. On the other hand, if the most advanced and trusted plugin is available totally free of cost, it would be the wisest thing to go for it.

What Advanced eCommerce Functionalities Do You Need?

There are a number of basic and advanced requirements for an accomplished and fully managed eCommerce system. On the first place, you need to display icons, buttons and tags to let the people know that you are offering online buying and selling facility for your products. An “Add to Cart” button, attached to the product to be sold, will enable the interested buyers to add it to their shopping cart for purchase along with other selected items. A price tag with discount coupon is to attract the potential buyers. A shopping cart icon is meant to show the shoppers all the items they might have selected to buy. Here there should also be an option to remove the selected items if necessary. The next phase is concerned with making online transactions through a safe, secure and trusted payment gateway, such as PayPal. So, your system must also be integrated with such internationally reputed payment systems. Likewise, certain other advanced features are also to be found in your eCommerce system for the maximum facilitation of the buyers.

The Most Trusted Free eCommerce WordPress Plugin—WooCommerce Plugin:

With over a million active installs, WooCommerce enjoys the distinction of being the world’s most widely used eCommerce tool ever. At the same time, it excels in all aspects of power and functionality as compared with the competitors in the market. The same is obvious from the fact that hundreds of users have rated it as a 5-star product. As a usual practice, the developers do not provide free updates and customer support for a free product but the same is not true for WooCommerce. WooThemes, the developers of the product, keep on launching updated and improved versions of WooCommerce WordPress plugin on regular bases, whereupon new advanced features are added and the plugin is made compatible with the latest version of the WordPress platform. The users are not disappointed even on the front of customer support as the developers facilitate them in every possible way in the resolution of different coding or customization related issues.

WooCommerce versus WP eCommerce and Others:

In addition to WooCommerce plugin, a number of other shopping cart plugins are available that are integrated with PayPal and offered for free, such as WP eCommerce, WP EasyCart, Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart, Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart, Ecwid Shopping Cart and MiwoShop, etc. Carrying out comparison, you will see that WooCommerce is the choice of the majority. It has got maximum number of active installs and more 5-star ratings. The positive reviews further signify its worth. The power, variety and quick functioning of the features are also better than those of others.

Features That Set WooCommerce Apart:

Given below is a list of some of the exceptionally powerful features of the best shopping cart plugin:

  • Excellent Coding:

    The coding of the world’s most popular online trading system is based on the best WordPress practices. As a result, you get a perfectly structured error-free product that will pose no difficulty while working.

  • Easy Installation:

    You can integrate this eCommerce system into your website through the WP platform with just a couple of clicks.

  • Quick Customization: After installing the plugin, you would definitely like to show shopping cart icon, “Add to Cart” buttons and price tags, etc. at the desired locations on the webpage. All these things and different kinds of other customizations can be carried out in just a few seconds. To make the work easy for you, different shortcodes and widgets are also provided that are ready to use.
  • Popular Payment Gateways:

    WooCommerce plugin is integrated with world’s most popular payment gateways, including PayPal Standard that can accept payments from Credit Card as well as PayPal account. Similarly, Simplify Commerce, BACS, Cash on Delivery are also provided.

  • Shipping Methods:

    Among shipping methods, you can make use of ‘free shipping’ and ‘flat rate shipping’.

  • Keep Updated about Sales, Reviews, Performance and Stats:

    The smart and efficient dashboard widgets will keep you stay updated about the sales of your products; reviews left by the customers; performance of the general store; stock levels; different statistics; and all other kind of information related to your online store.

    • Many Free Extensions:

      WooCommerce is not only receptive to different eCommerce related extensions but also comes packed with a collection of free extensions. You will need such plugins to add extra functionalities to your online store. The free extensions include Google Analytics, WooCommerce Customizer, Sequential Order Numbers, PDF Invoices and Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, Custom Product Tabs, Affiliate Integration Lite and Admin Bar Addition.

    • Compatibility with All Themes:

      Owing to the high level of flexibility, you can use the plugin on almost any kind of WordPress theme without making any changes in its coding structure.

  • Updates and Customer Support:

    Contrary to the common practice, this free online trading system is improved and updated on regular basis. Whenever, a new version of WordPress is launched or new theme building trends are introduced, a new update of the WooCommerce is released to make it stay compatible with everything and never go outdated. Similarly, free customer support is offered to the users on their request.

Final Remarks:

WooCommerce is, indeed, a great product for all those who want to launch a thoroughbred eCommerce store with all the modern buying and selling functionalities, including the highly celebrated payment gateways, like PayPal. Installation and customizations are particularly very easy. The smart dashboard widgets give you information about sales, performance and all other things related to the online shop. For additional functionalities, you can make use of free and premium extensions. You will always find it compatible with the latest version of WordPress and themes as updates are launched regularly.

Superb PayPal Powered WordPress Shopping Cart Free Plugins

Do you know how to turn your WordPress blog website into a working eCommerce store in seconds? Well, it can be done with the help of shopping cart plugins that are to be purchased and installed on the site at the backend. However, numerous such tools are available for free. Interestingly, sometimes, the WordPress shopping cart free plugins prove to be more powerful and efficient as compared with their paid counterparts. In this way, you can not only save a significant sum but also get more functionality. But choosing such a novel piece from the pool of hundreds of thousands of plugins is again a hectic task. Still, there is no need to take pains as I have done the job for you. After the mutual comparisons and contrasts of a lot of products, I was able to select a few which come up to the standard in every way. Here follows a list of the superb PayPal Powered WordPress shopping cart free plugins that are quick to set up and easy to use for the clients.

WooCommerce—PayPal Integrated Free WP Shopping Cart Plugin

With over a million active installs, nearly five star ratings and inspiring customer reviews, WooCommerce ranks on the top of the free WordPress shopping cart plugins list. Delivering enterprise level quality and features, it can quickly transform you website into a thoroughbred eCommerce store, also supporting online payment system through PayPal—and all for free! Based on the best WordPress practices, it renders high level of strength and flexibility. Through the smart dashboard widgets and reports, you can keep yourself updated about the stock levels, incoming sales, reviews, performance of the general store and all the other related information.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Integrated with advanced payment gateways, including PayPal and Simplify Commerce.
  • Strong and flexible both at the frontend and backend.
  • Smart and easy to use Dashboard widgets and reports.
  • Packed with enterprise level features and qualities.
  • Best for superstores selling thousands of products.
  • Easy customization to give personal look and feel.
  • Receptive to extensions.

Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart Plugin

Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart is loaded with a number of premium features, all of which are to be availed for free! One click product selling functionality inspires the clients to purchase products. As the very name suggests, there is complete integration of PayPal payment gateway for safe, secure, quick and hassle free online transactions. Another trait of this shopping cart plugin for WordPress is that it is very simple and easy to work with. After the installation of the plugin on your site, you can apply the “Add to Cart” button on any page and with any post in seconds! With this facility, the customers will know about what is there in their cart. Changing quantity of products or removing certain items from the cart is also possible.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Display “Add to Cart” button quickly on any page or post.
  • Simple and easy handling.
  • Prebuilt PayPal payment system for online shopping and transactions.
  • One click products sale.
  • Hot selling and nearly 5-star rated.
  • Regular updates from the developers.
  • Sending a sale notification email to Admin.

WP EasyCart—Easy to Use WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin

With WP EasyCart plugin installed on your website, the experience of online buying and selling becomes extremely easy and enjoyable. The clients, living anywhere across the world, can purchase a product of their choice with just a few clicks. Through quick installation, you can furnish your blog or any other kind of website with the most advanced WordPress eCommerce shopping cart system. The plugin supports the sale of all kinds of products, including gift card, digital downloadable products and retail goods. As the plugin itself comes with administrative software, so there will be no need to use WordPress to manage the shopping cart. The complete eCommerce shopping cart will consist of 3 pages, viz. customer account, cart/checkout and store.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Powerful features for a perfect WordPress eCommerce shopping cart system.
  • Complete eCommerce shopping cart consisting of Accounts, Cart/Checkout and Store pages.
  • Packed with administrative system, so there will be no need of WordPress for the management of shopping cart.
  • Complete setup requires just 5 minutes.
  • Compatible with nearly all professional themes.
  • Different useful widgets include horizontal & vertical menus, category filtering, hot item, price and manufacturer filtering.
  • Workable with standard WordPress menu system to create a new menu structure for a seamless look.
  • Supports popular payment gateways, including PayPal.
  • Integrated ‘Live Shipping’ functionality.

Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart—Free WordPress Plugin for Online Buying/Selling

Do you want to sell different kinds of digital and physical products and also plan to facilitate the customers through online payment system? Let’s start it now with the Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart plugin for WordPress which also supports the sale of services. For the safe and secure transactions, it is integrated with the standard PayPal payment gateway. Here it is also worth mentioning that the plugin supports multiple currencies. Moreover, there is option to target all or only specific countries. Besides creating your own Coupon Codes, you can apply discounts on selected products or on the total cart amount.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Standard PayPal payment gateway with PayPal Sandbox for testing prior to going live.
  • Supporting multiple currencies.
  • Complete customization of shopping cart system.
  • Customizable checkout page and simple checkout process.
  • Apply discounts on selected products or total cart amount, and create your own Coupon Codes.
  • Support for the sale of all kinds of digital and physical products and services.
  • Auto expiring encrypted download link sent by email to customers for the security of digital downloads.

WP eCommerce—Free, Powerful Online Shopping Cart Tool for WordPress

Though some customers have rated the WP eCommerce WordPress shopping cart plugin negatively, the majority are satisfied and recommend it for use by others. It is also pleasing to note that over eight thousand users have installed it to turn their blog into a perfect eCommerce website. WP eCommerce is very easy to customize and setup. The advanced features supported here include memberships, subscription, physical inventory and sale of digital downloads.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Makes you sell anything online easily and quickly.
  • Convenient HTML and CSS customizations for personalization.
  • Supports a number of reputed payment gateways.
  • SSL-powered secure checkout.
  • Powerful predesigned tools for the effective management of catalogues and orders.
  • WordPress multisite integration.
  • Packed with hundreds of hooks for adding more functions.
  • Pre-built marketing tools.

Ecwid Shopping Cart—Fully-featured, WordPress Shopping Cart Framework

Offering real-time shipping, 45 languages, and as many as 40 international payment gateways, it has been designed to fit and get seamlessly integrated with any kind of website you have at your end. Being responsive, it can also be used on mobile-optimized themes. You can utilize the popular marketplaces, like Yahoo, and Google Shopping to boost the sales of your products. Regardless of what type of hosting service you are using, Ecwid works remarkably faster than the ordinary shopping carts. Over ten thousand active installs, 5-star customer ratings and regular updates make Ecwid the choice of everyone.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Quick setup and seamless integration to all kinds of websites.
  • Full of advanced features, such as 40+ international payment gateways and real-time shipping.
  • Supporting 45 language of the world.
  • Regular updates, inspiring customer reviews with 5-star ratings.
  • Encrypted HTTPS connection for secure checkout.
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Utilize Google Shopping,, Yahoo and other marketplaces to sell products everywhere simultaneously.
  • Remarkably fast working.

MiwoShop—User-friendly eCommerce Shopping Cart System for WordPress Websites

The turn-key ready and user-friendly MiwoShop plugin is full of advanced online shopping functionalities. With the help of predesigned intuitive admin interface, you can have complete control over your web-based store and manage detailed sales reports. A large collection of payment gateways and shipping methods have already been integrated into the product. Even there is support for recurring payments. The things that you will like most about the product are the regular updates and 5-star ratings earned from the happy and highly satisfied customers. The content is translatable into 35+ languages of the world. The pre-built migration tools require only a couple of clicks to migrate your data from other shopping plugins, like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, etc.

Distinctive Features at a Glance:

  • Hundreds of payment gateways and shopping methods.
  • Intuitive Admin Interface for complete control over your online store.
  • Easy customization.
  • Supports unlimited categories, images, products and manufacturers.
  • Product reviews and rating systems.
  • Auto image resizing and ‘compare product’ functionalities.
  • Recurring payments and advanced sales reports.
  • Support for multiple languages, stores and currencies.
  • Powerful Migration Tools to migrate data from other shopping plugins.

Top 10 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Before proceeding to the list of free best WordPress WooCommerce themes, let’s evaluate the worth of WordPress (WP) and WooCommerce. Powering over 20+ of all the websites today, WP has become the most popular blogging platform. Being an open source software, it can be used and improved by anyone. Contributed by the developers worldwide, you can find millions of themes and hundreds of thousands of plugins over the web that have been created to enhance the functionality and power of WordPress content management system. Many of these additional tools are being offered as free of any charges. WooCommerce is so far the best eCommerce tool that, if installed on your blog website, will transform it into an online buying/selling platform. In other words, it renders the functionality of shopping and online transactions. The problem here is that most of the WooCommerce powered templates are not free but sold as premium products. Anyhow, among the free items, we have collected for you the best pieces. Here follows a list of the free WooCommerce WordPress themes ever created:

Wootique—WooCommerce Optimized Free WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Created by WooThemes—authors of the incredible eCommerce plugin, i.e. WooCommerce—Wootique is one of the best WooCommerce themes that is being offered totally free! Uniqueness, simplicity and minimalist featuring make it super attractive and soothing to the eyes. There is an amazing blend of black, white and blue colors. The additional features, like slider, sidebar and images with price tag, “Add to Cart” button and “Select Options” page link are also provided. The beautifully structured and cool header contains “View Cart” option to the top right.

Significant Features:

  • Lightweight, neat, clean and attractive design
  • Cool and minimalist outlook
  • Shopping Cart button on Header
  • Images animated with “Add to Cart”, price tag and brand name
  • Carousel Slider
  • Unique pages for shopping and blogging
  • Contact Page and My Account pages
  • Define a sorting criterion for your products with respect to popularity, average rating, newness, low to high price and high to low price.
  • Page navigation buttons at the button

Travelify—Free Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Download | Demo

Doing justice with your online travel agency website, the Travelify is a free WooCommerce theme based on the WordPress content management system. Here the pixel perfect design will look great on the retina displays. Very useful features and functionalities are in plenty. On the boxed layout, just below the Header, there is a brilliant slider with navigation buttons below. Just on the top of the page, you have as many as eleven socializing icons. The sidebar is featured with many ready to use sidebar widgets.

Significant Features:

  • Fully responsive design to look superb on iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop, Desktop PC or any other gadget
  • Featured slider with several built-in transition effects
  • Integrated WooCommerce plugin, requiring no further coding or tweaking
  • Translation and multilanguage support including languages with right to left format
  • Simple and minimalist layout with high visibility of content and images
  • Widgetized sidebar

Dazzling—Beautiful, Minimalist WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Download | Demo

Packed with dazzling graphics and outlook, it has a unique framework and supports all the advanced shopping features. The advanced functionality of Dazzling WooCommerce free theme can successfully compete with the premium products. While navigating anywhere on the page, you can quickly jump back to top by using the “Back to Top” button given on the bottom-right corner. As you would be expecting, there are well-spaced easy-to-read sections.

Significant Features:

  • WooCommerce support with “Shopping Cart” button on the top-right corner
  • Slider supporting HD quality images and navigation thumbs
  • Search option and sidebar with powerful featured widgets
  • Widget with tabber included
  • Gallery page with commenting option
  • Useful shortcodes to applied easily
  • Multiple language support
  • Well-spaced sections and posts

Mystile—Lightweight, Fast Loading WooCommerce Store Theme

Download | Demo

If, for a shopping project, you want exceptional beauty and efficiency blended together, Mystile free WordPress WooCommerce theme will serve your needs best. The homepage layout is unique and has a clean & clear outlook. Shopping cart, checkout and search option are beautifully placed at the top right corner. Different shopping pages include T-Shirts, Outerwear, Shoes, Hats, Accessories and Bags.

Significant Features:

  • Lightweight and fast loading
  • Easy customization to quickly launch a shopping store
  • All the WooCommerce widgets styled to harmonize with the beautiful look of the website
  • Shortcodes, like “Sales Banner” and “Sticky Notes” are included.
  • Fully accomplished blog page included with navigation buttons
  • Clickable images and tags
  • Pre-designed Image Gallery, Contact Form, Archives and other templates

SaleJunction—Fully Featured, free Shopping WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

The whopping 17,000+ downloads means as many developers have used SaleJunction—one of the best free WooCommerce WordPress themes. Containing complete shopping features, it can be used for creating almost any kind of shopping website. In addition, you can also do modern blogging with taste. The functions, like shop, cart, contact form, login and signup are also provided.

Significant Features:

  • Complete shopping features
  • Slider with cool transitions and sharp graphics
  • Tabber section, showcasing different types of products
  • Easy signup, login and account management
  • Fully responsive and device optimized
  • Cool outlook with perfect symmetry and minimalist features and perfect symmetry

Make—Easy to Use WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Giving a look of grandeur and sublimity, Make WordPress shop template will make you stunned as you have a glimpse of its super attractive design with incredibly high readability. Sharp typography with large text size is one of the most prominent features of the product, thus making reading an enjoyable activity. The clickable high resolution images are provided with title, price tag and Add to Cart button. Different useful widgets, including a search option, are also featured here.

Significant Features:

  • Amazing typography with incredible readability
  • Bottom pop-ups for “Buy Now” and “Customize Styles”
  • Easy customization with built-in ‘drag & drop’ page builder
  • Clickable products images leading to a single page
  • Brand name, price tag and Add to Cart button provided below product images
  • Equally suitable for a minimalist blog, professional magazine, ecommerce business, photography or portfolio website
  • Wide spacious layout with ample space between the consecutive sections and posts

Fruitful—SEO Friendly, Free WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Supporting WooCommerce, bbPress and translation features, Fruitful will make your online project reach maturity as soon as you launch it over the web. The flat design with symmetrical elements arrangement looks so appealing. On the fully furnished shop page, you can filter the products for a particular price range with the help of price filtration bar. Products Categories and Products Search widgets are also given in the sidebar.

Significant Features:

  • Advanced online shopping features
  • Flat, responsive layout for complete device optimization
  • WooCommerce powered shopping cart
  • Custom shortcodes and translation support
  • Nearly a dozen blog post formats
  • Powerful backend with full control over all aspects of the theme, including color, fonts, favicon, logo, background, and so on.
  • Two jQuery sliders, i.e. Flex and Nivo

Ayoshop—Free Responsive WordPress Theme with Clean Outlook

Download | Demo

It is Ayoshop where you find minimalism redefined in each of the three homepage layouts of the theme. This child-styled WordPress template has been created for Genesis Framework. Here, the Genesis Framework allows for the quick and easy development of WordPress based websites both for novice and expert developers as it does not required any skill. The textual elements have been made sharper for enhanced readability. There is full support for online shopping through WooCommerce.

Significant Features:

  • All key features for Genesis Framework
  • Simple and minimalist outlook
  • Complete shopping features support
  • Easy to use customization options
  • Built-in child theme options
  • Translation support through .po and .mo files
  • Unlimited color schemes

Virtue—Free WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Premium Options

Download | Demo

Loaded with premium options, Virtue is one of the best free WooCommerce WordPress themes. Clean modern design, ease of customization and extreme versatility of usage make it a truly grand product. The utilization of powerful Bootstrap framework makes it render perfect adjustability of the display on all screen sizes. From the powerful options panel, you can quickly set everything, such as, custom fonts, sliders, page layouts, etc. without any need to write CSS. Being translation ready, it supports many different languages.

Significant Features:

  • Extremely versatile theme loaded with dozens of premium options
  • Based on the latest CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap framework
  • Full WooCommerce support with all the tools for building a fully functional online store
  • Versatile design making it fit for personal, online store, portfolio and business website.
  • Integrated Bootstrap framework for a fully responsive layout

Vantage—Flexible Free WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Page Builder

Download | Demo

Here is something that can give your shopping site an innovative and personalized outlook with its flexible modern design. However, you can also use it for portfolio and business websites. While having a look on the demo, you meet with extra charm found nowhere else. There is uniquely styled header, main menu, slider and everything! The built-in plugins include WooCommerce, Page Builder, Black Studio Tiny MCE and MetaSlider.

Significant Features:

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • A number of useful plugins, like WooCommerce, Black Studio Tiny MCE, Meta Slider and Page Builder
  • Unique, attractive, minimalist design
  • Perfectly suitable for shopping and business websites
  • Drag & drop page editing experience
  • Tons of icons
  • Clean and sharp outlook
  • Blog page included